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20+ RGB LED Module Bundle (60 LEDs)

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20+ RGB LED Module Bundle (60 LEDs)

These ultra bright RGB LED modules from LED Montreal are perfect for making advertisement signs, light boxes and other back lighting projects that require a bright and flexible LED lighting. LED modules are the most versatile LED lighting product for making professional looking super bright LED light panels. 

The starter kit includes 20 RGB LED Modules of 8cm each, each module is self adhesive and can be twisted or arranged to fit your design. The 7cm wires between each module will allow you to group your modules closer from one another or further apart to get exactly the required lighting for your project. The total length of the 20 Module kit is 3 meters. It is possible to connect up to 4 sets of 20 modules in parallel (2 sets on each side of the controller) to a single circuit for a total of 240 LEDs which, when completely extended, can stretch to an amazing 12 meters. 

To add more modules to your basic bundle, simply use the drop down menu, each extra set of 20 Modules is $30. If you purchase more than 2 extra sets, we will upgrade your power supply to a 12V 6A at no extra charge! To buy more than one RGB LED Module bundle with different numbers of additional modules, simply add the bundle including your desired number of sections multiple times to your cart. 

The RGB LED Modules will enable you to create up to 16 different colors with the included remote. The cool white LED module bundle includes a dimmer and a remote.

Note that there is no quick connector for the RGB LED modules, to connect your modules to your controller, you must manually connect your wires (R, G, B and +) to the controller using the included connector with wires. To do so, simply twist each colored wire together and isolate with electrical tape. For the Cool White bundle, simply clip the red and blanck wires in the dimmer.

Technical Parameters

LED Type: SMD5050
LED Quantity per module: 3
Power: 0.72W per module
Working Voltage: 12V DC
Working Current: 60 mA per module
Wattage: 0.72W per Module
Luminous Flux: 6600 mcd
Beam Angle: 160°
Driving mode: Constant Voltage
Dimension: 70*16*8.1
Color Temperature: RGB
Module’s Center Dis.: 175 mm
IP Rating: IP65
Working Temp.: -20~45 ℃

Package Includes: 

20 modules of 7.5cm + 8cm of wires between each module (60 LEDs in total) 
1-LED Control Box/Receiver 
1-Remote control 
1-Power adaptor

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Canadian and American Certifications

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