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Battery Powered 20 LED Module Kit (60 LEDs) RGB or White

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Battery Powered 20 LED Module Kit (60 LEDs) RGB or White

The Battery Powered LED Modules start up kit includes 20 individual modules each containing 3 Epistar 5050 LED, one battery pack, a controller or dimmer and a remote control. Each module is 8 cm long and has a self adhesive stripe in the back. Modules are separated by a 7 cm wire that allows you to twist and turn the Modules to best fit your project. Each kit measures a total of 3 meters. The kit allows you to add one more module pack to your start up kit. Simply put, your battery pack can power up to 6 meters of LED Modules for a total of 120 individual LEDs.

The pull-down menus allow you to choose different options to customize and upgrade your LED Module kit according to your specific needs. The first menu offers you the choice between the RGB Modules that produce various colors or the Cool White Single Color Modules. 

This battery powered LED kit comes with a 12V power pack for 8 AA Alkaline batteries. This kit is ideal for short term engagements such as events or trade shows as the battery pack will give you between 6 and 8 hours of continuous lighting. Please note that batteries are not included in the price.

If you select the RGB Modules, you will the pull-down menu will offer you three choices of controllers. The first choice is the standard Infra Red 24 key remote that has 16 different preprogrammed static colors that can be dimmed and 4 automatic color change modes.  The 44 key remote that will be your second option has the same features as the 24 key remote but also allows you to create your custom colors, this remote is $10 extra. You can also get the flexibility and liberty provided by the micro RF controller offered as a third option.  This small and efficient controller does not require a captor to interact with the included 10 key remote. The 30 meter range of this controller makes the extra $10 worth every penny. 

On the other hand, the Single Color Cool White Modules are offered with a choice of two dimmers: the standard RF dimmer with a 3 key remote or, for 5$ extra, you can get an ultra compact RF dimmer and an 11 key remote.
The last pull-down menu allows you to add one Modules for $27 more. Want to buy more than one kit ? No problem! Simply create other custom kits according to what you need and add them to your cart until your order is complete and you are ready to proceed with Checkout.


Size of the battery pack:

Length: 12.5cm
Width: 7cm
Height: 2cm

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