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1m Deluxe Single Color 5050 LED Bar (Bar Only)

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Deluxe 1m Single Color 5050 U-shape LED Bar, 72 LEDs (Bar Only)

Here is the simplest, cleanest looking LED Bar we've got! This Deluxe 1m Single Color 5050 U-shaped LED Bar from LED Montreal features 72 Super Bright Epistar 5050 LEDs that will give you splendid brightness with an elegant finish. The connectors on both ends also allow you to combine up to 4 bars on the same circuit.

Each bar comes fully finished with clear end caps and clear 15cm long DC connectors on both ends. Please note that, unlike the standard LED Strips, the Rigid LED Bars are not self adhesive. We recommend using double sided tape to install the Rigid LED Bar to the desired surface. To make sure the installation is secure, use the double sided tape on the full length of the bar. If you prefer using plastic clips to screw into the wall and hold the bars, you can add those to your order by selecting them in the drop down menu.

The Bars can be joined together by using the connectors and you can also customize the wire length between each LED Bar by adding extra DC extensions. When choosing your power supply, make sure you select the right one to fit the amount of LED Bars on your circuit: 12V 2A for 1 Bar, 12V 3A for 2 Bars or 12V 6A for 3 or 4 Bars. If you're planning on using 3 or 4 bars on the same circuit, make sur you use a DC Y-shape splitter to distribute the power as evenly as possible.

Single Color LED Bars can be used for different applications, thanks to its two available shades of white: Warm White, which is suitable to replace most incandescent lights and Cool White that is preferable for locations where a neon would normally be used. For more information on which shade would suit your needs, visit the LED Bulb buying guide.

Length: 1m
Width of the outside of the bar: 30mm
Width of the inside of the bar : 13.2mm
Height: 7mm 

 Kit de Barre LED Deluxe en U de 1m Blanc, 72 LEDs

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