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8 feet interior and exterior aluminum U shape profile for LED Strip (LUX747)


Minimum quantity for "8 feet interior and exterior aluminum U shape profile for LED Strip (LUX747)" is 2.

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8 feet recessed aluminum U shape profile for LED Strip (LUX747)

Important Note: Transport companies now charge an additional fee of approximately $25 to $75 for all packages over 2 meters.

If your project requires 8-foot whole bars, we offer you the option to pick up your order in-store, use your own carrier, or pay the surcharge. Please choose the option that suits you best from the dropdown menu.

The LUX747 LED aluminum profile is the pinnacle of style and functionality for your lighting needs, ideal for being recessed into drywall. Spring clips are available as an option for quick, secure, and easy installation. This profile features aluminum fins designed to conceal drywall imperfections, ensuring a sleek and flawless finish.

Offered in lengths of 2.44 meters (8 feet), this recessed U-shaped aluminum profile can accommodate LED strips up to 14mm wide, including IP20, IP65, and IP67 standards (3528 LED). However, it is not suitable for LED strips wider than 14mm, such as some IP67 strips that are too wide for this profile.

For a refined and distinguished look, this profile is made from ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, enhancing heat dissipation and making it easy to cut to fit any project size. Its flange edges are designed for recessed installation in a 19 mm (3/4 inch) groove, and it is suitable for indoor locations, whether dry, damp, or wet. It is not recommended to install this profile vertically in a wet environment.

Diffuser Options:

Clear: Allows 98% of the LED brightness to pass through, providing clear light while protecting the LED strip from dust.

Frosted: Diffuses 85% of the LED brightness, hiding the LED chips when the strip is off and slightly showing the LED pixels when it is on.

Opaline: Ideal for a seamless look without pixels with 120 LEDs per meter or more. It filters 55% of the brightness, reduces the white tone by about -215K, and completely hides the LED strip when it is off.

Premium: The professional choice, this diffuser offers incredible light output of 73%, with only 27% loss and minimal impact on the CCT of -30K. It is perfect for use with high CRI LED strips such as COB with a CRI of 90+ (available in RGB), 2216 – 300 LEDs/m, CRI 90+, or 3528 – 180 LEDs/m, CRI 95+. This diffuser is also excellent with high-output 2835 LED strips, ensuring a uniform light effect without visible points. Not recommended for strips with 120 LEDs/m.

Additional Features:

Certification: cURus E509228
Standards Compliance: Meets UL STD. 2108, suitable for installation in a closet storage area
Made in Canada: Ensuring high quality and compliance with North American carpentry standards

This aluminum profile not only enhances the aesthetics of your project but also meets strict safety and performance standards, making it a versatile choice for both domestic and professional environments.

Aluminum Profiles Specifications
U Shape (Recessed)
8 Feet (2.44m)
Professional grade products

Canadian and American Certifications

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