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Motion Activated 50cm LED Bar Kit

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Motion Activated 50cm LED Bar Kit

How simple, useful and good looking! This Motion Activated 50cm LED Bar from LED Montreal provides motion sensor controlled bright lighting for your under-cabinet setups. It is a great, elegant solution for any area where you need temporary lighting. You can easily activate the motion sensor by placing your hand in front it within a 5cm distance. Please note that the sensor acts as an on-off switch meaning you'll have to place your hand in front of it again to turn it off. Each 50cm LED Bar features 30 Super Bright 5050 LEDs.

You can also combine 2 bars on the same circuit. By choosing the second bar option in the dropdown menu, you’ll receive both bars and an included Y shape splitter to plug them in parallel. (In this case, make sure you select it in the option menu, not the quantity window)

The Motion Activated 50cm LED Bar is also a great option to light up areas where there's no direct access to a power plug, such as closets, pantries, wardrobes, etc. So, we offer the option of replacing the 2A power supply for a battery pack, an ideal solution for event and temporary lighting. You can expect the battery pack to give you between 6 and 8 hours of continous lighting. You can choose the option in the drop down menu. If you’re looking to extend the distance from your bar to your power source (or your other bar), you can use 1M DC Extensions.

Each bar features 2 subtle wall mounting holes to allow you to screw the bar and fix it to anything. You can also use the very efficient double sided 3M tape.

Our LED bars can be used for different applications, thanks to its two available shades of white: Warm White, which is suitable to replace most incandescent lights and Cool White which is preferable for areas where a neon would normally be used. For more information on which shade would suit your needs, visit the LED Bulb buying guide.

Length: 50cm
Width: 3.5cm
Height: 0.75cm
LED chip: 5050 smd
Voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 7.2W
Beam angle: 120 degrees

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