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1 Zone RF Wall Remote and Controller Kit for Single Color LED Strip

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1 Zone RF Wall Remote and Controller Kit for Single Color LED Strip

You can now remotely dim your Single-Color LED Lights with this Control Kit that incluides both the remote and the controller.

This kit allows you to dim your LED kit without having to install a dimmable power supply or worry about wall or furniture interfering with the remote signal.

Your remote uses 2.4GHz radio frequencies to achieve an amazing 30m of range through walls and floors. This means that you can hide your controller in your TV stand and still be able to control your LED Strips or your Low Voltage LED Pucks.

Although this remote is a 1 Zone product, it allows you to pair an infinite amount of controllers (other controllers sold seperately) to your Zone. You could use several power supplies and controllers for your under-cabinet lighting and they would all be controlled by the same remote, as if everything was one big set up !

Looking to control several set ups from a single wall panel? Have a look at the 4 Zone panel from LED Montreal.


There main control component to your Wall Remote:  

  1. On/Off Button
  1. Brightness Dimming: This feature is available with all types of Single Color LED Strips, when you wish to lower the intensity of your LED Strip.

Matching a controller to your remote is easy
For a new product or a product that has never been linked before:  

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the controller to switch off the light(s) you want to program.  
  1. Turn the light back on and within 3 seconds; press three times on the ON (│) button of the remote.
  1. The light will slowly flash 3 times to indicate that it was successfully linked.  

You can repeat this procedure for each controller that you want to add to your Zone. 

Unlink a controller from your Wall Remote:   

  1. Disconnect the power supply to turn off the light(s) you want to program.  
  1. Power the light back on and within 3 seconds; press the ON button 5 times quickly.  

You can then proceed and program your light according to the add-on procedure outlined above.


Model: FUT087
Voltage: 3V (2 x AAA batteries)  
Transmission Frequency : 2.4GH
Control Distance: 30m
Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 17mm

Controller :
Model: FUT036 (Upgraded)
Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
Max output: 6A / channel
Total Max. Output.: 12A
Operation Temperature: -20 à 60C
RF: 2,4 GHz
Max control range: 30m
Output connexion: common anode
Size 119mm x 37.5mm x 22mm

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