12V 1m iP65+ 3528 Single Color LED Strip - 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

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12V 1m iP65+ 3528 Single Color LED Strip 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

Good things do come in small packages and the 60 LEDs 12V 3528 iP65+ 1m Single Color LED Strip is no exception. Offered in Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4500K), Cool White (6000K), Red, Green or Blue, it’s the perfect lighting accessory for smaller areas that require a unique accent lighting. Imagine how great your shelves or home display will look when enhanced by a soft and subtle LED Lighting. 

The technical stuff: the chips on this Strip are called 3528 because they measure 3.5mm x 2.8mm. These Chips give a 120-degree light beam and a light output of 400 lumens per meter (lumens output only applies to white Strips). The 12V 3528 Single Color Strip features an iP65+ silicone coating that makes the Strip easy to clean while protecting it from humidity and liquid damage. The iP65+ coating will not crack or deteriorate over time, like lower end silicon glue coating would. 

Your LED Strip is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive. This adhesive is intended for installation on a clean, non-glossy metallic surface. LED Strips were not designed to be installed on varnished or glossy wood surfaces. For porous surfaces, wet and marine environments or usage with IP 67 strips, we suggest using the Double Sided 3M Acrylic Tape for LED Strips.

This Single Color 12V Led Strip is cULus Listed. This means that is has been tested for electrical safety according to Canadian Standards when powered with a compliant Class 2 Power supply. It also means that it will pass the toughest building inspections both in Canada and the USA. 

Forecast a power supply at 12VDC of 6W (500mA) per meter for your installation. As stated earlier, this strip comes in a 1m spool and is equipped with DC connectors on each end (one male, one female), so you can connect up to 5 x 1m strips together. If you need space between two strips, you will be pleased to learn that It is fully compatible with our 1 m or 2m DC extension for an easy plug and play installation. Its low energy consumption allows you to power your strip with a 12VDC battery pack

You can customize your LED Lighting set up as this Strip can be cut every 3 LEDS. The 1m 3528 Strip is flexible vertically but cannot be bent horizontally. Should you need to bypass an obstacle or turn a corner, we recommend removing the iP65+ sleeve with an x-acto knife and solder 2 strand wire onto your Strip. Soldering ensures a solid connection and minimal voltage loss. Quick connectors are available and are only recommended if you have 1 or 2 connections to make. Should you want to use a connector, use an iP20 grip and clip connector while making sure the remove both the top and bottom silicone of the Strip. 

The 60 LEDs 12V 3528 iP65+ 1m Single Color LED Strip is fully dimmable. You can either dim it through a remote control or a wall panel with one of our low voltage dimmers or you can dim it using an LED compatible wall dimmer when combined with one of our dimmable power supplies.

This high quality Strip features our revolutionary iP65+ waterproofing technology. The iP65+ coating protects your strip all around with a silicon sleeve that remains clear and flexible through time. iP65+ strips are ideal for indoor and light duty outdoor usage. For outdoor applications where the strip will be directly exposed to the elements, we recommend iP67+ grade strips.


Certification: cULus E498952
Voltage available: 12VDC
Chip: Epistar 3528 SMD
60 LED chips per meter
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Can be cut: All 3 LEDs (5cm)
Strip Width: iP65+: 10mm
Power consumption: 4.8W / meter
Recommended transformer: 6W/ meter, must be powered by a Class 2 transformer
Typical luminous flux: 400 lumens/m ( will vary depends on Kelvin Degrees chosen)
Available colors: 3000K /4500K/6000K /red/green/blue
Operation temperature: 40C to -10C
Suitable for dry, damp and wet environment
Dimmable: Yes, through a remote/ wall panel or dimmable power supply
Heat Dissipation: Not necessary, unless used in a commercial environment
Fields of Application: where an accent lighting is required : shelves, stairs etc.

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