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FUT092 - 4 Zone RF Remote for all types of LED Strips

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4 Zone RF Remote for all types of LED Strips  (FUT092)

Always wanted to operate your RGB LED Strips and your Single-Color LED Strips from the same remote? This remote control is the answer!  

How does this work? Your remote-control features 4 different zones. Each Zone can be assigned to a specific type of LED (RGB, RGBW, RGBW CCT, Single color and CCT Adjustable), using the correct controller. You will find the list of controllers in the spec section at the end of the page. Every Zone that you want to use will need at least one controller. You can use several controllers per Zone and not all Zones need to be active for your system to work.  
All the controllers on the same Zone need to be of the same type and will all respond to the same command. For example: If you decide to add a RGB controller to Zone 1, all other controllers on this Zone will have to be RGB. When you select blue on Zone 1, all Strips and controllers linked to this Zone will turn blue. The Strips on the other Zones will not be affected.  
Your remote control uses 2.4GHz radio frequencies to achieve an amazing 30m of range through walls and floors. This means that you can hide your controller in your TV stand and still be able to control your LED Strips.

There are 4 main control components to your remote: 

  1. The color ring: used with RGB, RGBW and RGBW CCT Strips, the color ring is used to select one of the 256 main colors available. Your main color can be altered with the Saturation color. 
  1. The color temperature Line: used with Adjustable White Strips and RGBW CCT Strips. Gives you the possibility of going from Warm White to Cool White. This key does not work with RGB and RGBW Strips 
  1. Saturation Control: Works with RGB, RGBW and RGBW CCT Strips: Lets you alter your main color to make it lighter. Offers a great selection of pastels!  
  1. Brightness Dimming: This feature is available with all types of LED Strips, when you wish to lower the intensity of your LED Strip.  

You will also find automatic color changing mode controls (M) and mode speed control (s+ /s-) in the middle of the remote.

Adding on to a Zone is easy!  
For a new product or a product that has never been linked before: 

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the controller to switch off the light(s) you want to program. 
  1. Turn the light back on and within 3 seconds; press three times on the ON (│) button of the zone you want to assign (1 to 4) on the remote control. 
  1. The light will slowly flash 3 times to indicate that it was successfully linked. 

You can repeat this procedure for each controller that you want to add to your Zone.

Change a light from one zone to another.  
If the light you want to add to a zone was previously assigned to a different one, you will first need to unlink that light. 

  1. Identify which zone the light is currently assigned to. 
  1. Disconnect the power supply to turn off the light(s) you want to program. 
  1. Power the light back on and within 3 seconds; press the ON button of the previously assigned zone 5 times quickly. 

You can then proceed and program your light according to the add-on procedure outlined above.

Model: FUT092
Voltage: 3V (2 x AAA batteries)  
Transmission Frequency : 2.4GH
Control Distance: 30m
Dimensions: 138mm x 56mm x 20mm

Compatible with the following Controllers:
RGB : FUT037, FUT043
RGBW: FUT038, FUT044
Single color dimmer:FUT035
CCT Control (Adjustable White): FUT036

All these controllers will work with 12V-24V LED Strips

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